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Translations For You Joanna Jackiewicz offers professional translation and interpreting services in Warsaw and in the world. Sworn translator of Polish and English Joanna Jackiewicz provides certified and non-certified translation and interpreting. The offer includes specialist legal and financial translation as well as translation in the field of education, psychology and social and political studies. She also provides consecutive interpreting during signing of notarial deeds, business meetings, at registry offices, foreigners offices, embassies, courts. The office is located in Warsaw in the Wilanów District at ul. Sobieskiego 10 suite 2.



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How to order a translation?

Order a translation by sending a file using the form available in the "Contact" tab or to the e-mail address: jjackiewicz@tra4you.pl. I will prepare a free quote and, after it is accepted by the client, I will proceed with the order. If you want to order a certified ("sworn") translation, you can bring the original document to the office at ul. Sobieskiego 10/2 in Warsaw. In the "Contact" tab you will find also information on how to get to the office by city buses.


Translations can be collected:

  • in person at the office

  • sent by mail/courier

  • by e-mail for non-certified translations.


Translator's office
Sworn Translator Joanna Kucharczyk

If you buy an apartment or want to establish a company in Poland, you need to sign a notarial deed.

When a foreigner sings a contract at the notarial office, a sworn translator of a language known to them should be present. The translator will translate the contents of the notarial deed into a foreign language, help in clarifying any doubts and difficult terminology. It is a legal requirement that a person signing a notarial deed must first get acquainted with its content. Notarial deeds are written in a complex legal language. It is not enough to use a popular online translator to get it right.

A sworn translator has to take part in different actions at the notarial offices such as signing of a developer’s agreement, apartment sale contract, power of attorney, articles of association, amendment to the articles of association, minutes of the shareholders’ meeting.

Before the meeting

Book the translator in advance and send him/her a draft notarial deed so that s/he may prepare for the meeting. You need to have identity documents with you and any other required documents, while the translator takes also confirmation of qualifications.

During the meeting

The translator uses sight translation to deliver the content of the notarial deed in a foreign language. S/he may also interpret consecutively in case any clarifications or negotiations of terms are needed.

The meeting may take from 1 to several hours. The rate for the meeting includes also the time necessary for preparation and travel to the notarial office. This means that the sworn translator must reserve at least 3-4 hours of their time so usually they charge a flat-rate for the whole meeting.